2021 Summer's Biggest Makeup 4 Big Trends

Old way of thinking: makeup in summer needs to be lighter, fresher, and more pared down.

New way of thinking: unless things get unbearably sweltering or you can't stand up on the subway without leaving a puddle of sweat on the seat, now is the time to experiment with your makeup more.

Give us color! Sparkle! Drama! From watercolor eye makeup that pairs perfectly with your face mask to 90's inspired frosted lips and a gradient glitter cat eye, there's no shortage of inspiration that make it worth whipping out your cosmetics bag this season.

Don't worry: we're here to ensure getting the looks is easy.

2021 Summer Makeup Trend 1: Gradient Glitter Cat Eye

Unexpected, dramatic, eye-catching — a graphic glitter wing can take any look to the next level.
Start with the lightest color first and work your way to the darker shades, once the dark colors are applied you can't remove that without starting over.
To get the look, use a thin eyeliner blush so you have added control, and go slowly to ensure it blends seamlessly.

If you want to add a bit of bling, throw in some glitter.

2021 Summer Makeup Trend 2: Frosted Lipstick

The '90s are calling to tell you that frosted lips are back, baby. Keep reading for the easiest how-to, like, ever.

Getting the frosty finish is easy. You can either opt for an opal lipstick that you can apply straight from the tube, or, if you want to add more oomph (and it's Summer, so why wouldn't you?), try lightly brushing a frosted eye shadow over the center of the lips to add extra shine.

2021 Summer Makeup Trend 3: Watercolor Eyes

You don't need Vincent van Gogh's painting skills to create the season's coolest eye makeup trend, but you should have an affinity for watercolor.
The first step is to map out an outline of four to five colors you want on your lids using powder shadows. This allows you to spotlight every shade, as opposed to accidentally blending them together.
You want to avoid taking a blending brush and mixing the shades together, focus on letting the colors overlap, but do not combine them.

2021 Summer Makeup Trend 4: White Eye Shadow

You don't follow the rules and wear white after Labor Day anyway, so why not kick off the color with your eye makeup? You can start with a really light concealer on the lid first to make the alabaster shadow pop.

Any white pigment will pop against your skin tone, but the most flattering shades have a slight shimmer and gold undertone, which can also help brighten the entire eye area. 

Ok, that is all, I hope you can have a nice summer.


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