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DIY Non-stick Lipstick Tutorial

The most embarrassing problem about applying lipstick is that the lipstick fades, so non-stick lipstick is very popular, so how do you make a non-stick lipstick?

  1. Put the non-stick cup basematerial in the decorating bag.
  2. Add a certain amount of colorful powder.
  3. Add a drop of flavor.
  4. Rub the flower bag until the colorful powderand base material are completely fused, and the colorful powderhas no particles.
  5. Squeeze the base material into the beaker.
  6. Add compound oil
  7. Heat to melt and mold!

OK, it is simple to DIY Non-stick Lipstick, but how to choose a lipstick that is suitable for you, matte lipstick, or velvet lipstick, and the color cnumber is maple red or rotten tomatoes.

My suggestion is just to try more, because you may not even know yourself.

Women must be colorful.


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