How To Control Blackheads?

Truth: Blackheads are hard to eradicate. What we can do is to find ways to improve.
The most important and simplest truth: Persevere!

We all know,
The root cause of blackheads is the secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands.
Because these oils cannot be discharged in time, they block the openings of the pores and mix sebum, cell debris and bacteria to form "horn plugs".
After the plugs come into contact with dust, dirt and air, they become black due to oxidation and become blackheads.
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Generally speaking, the occurrence of blackheads has a relatively large relationship with the imbalance of skin water and oil secretion, and there are many reasons for the imbalance of skin water and oil secretion:
Such as diet structure (sweet food, greasy food), unhealthy routine (staying up late, insomnia), etc.
In addition, inadequate cleansing of the face, poor makeup removal, etc., can cause blackheads.

So, how to control blackheads?
1. Food taboos: eat less sweets and greasy foods; maintain a healthy schedule, which can reduce excessive oil secretion by the sebaceous glands.

2. 100 points for daily cleaning: reduce the chance of grease and air contact, and then oxidized into blackheads.

3. Do not over-clean. Gentle and moderate cleaning is best.
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Daily cleaning always pays attention to the word "gentle". Nowadays, the facial cleansing tools and facial cleansing brushes, Recommended by KOL, seem to be very cool and clean to use, but the damage to the skin barrier is super serious, and the blackheads are not cleaned. Facial skin is washed into sensitive skin, which would not be worth the loss.

Finally, daily sun protection can not only slow down the oxidation of the skin, but also have a certain anti-aging effect.

Therefore, whether anti-aging, acne-removing skin care, or sunscreen, all are the essential part of daily care.

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