2 Useful Tips To Make Your Hair Grow Faster Effectively?

Before we talk about this topic, let me give you some popular science on the physiology of hair. You must know what the speed of hair growth is related to, and you will know whether the hair will grow faster if you cut off the ends of the hair without nutrients.

The speed of hair growth is mainly related to the activity of cell division in hair follicles, and the activity of cell division in hair follicles is closely related to heredity. In addition to this factor, under normal circumstances, women grow faster than men’s hair, young people grow faster than old people, grow faster during the day than at night, and grow faster in summer than in winter.

Everyone's hair growth rate is different, even if your own hair growth rate is different. For example, if you cut all your bangs, they will disappear after ten days. That's why. Under normal circumstances, hair can grow 1 to 1.5 centimeters per month. Some people's hair can grow less than 1 centimeter in a month, and some people can grow their hair to 2 cm in a month. So individual differences are great. We understand the growth rate of hair, and let’s look at the structure of hair follicles.

hair growth

The hair follicle is a long and narrow tube that is inclined to the scalp and is shaped like a bag. There is a papilla at the bottom of the hair follicle, which mainly secretes proteins and pigments of various hair tissues to form hair. The hair tissue in the hair follicle is liquid, and the hair will harden only after the scalp grows. The speed of hair growth is affected by the speed of cell division in the hair follicles, and this division speed has a great relationship with the body and genetics, and there is no way to make it grow faster through artificial factors.

After understanding the reasons for the speed of hair growth, let's talk about hair. Although the hair grows from the hair follicle, once the hair leaves the hair follicle, it has no life and self-repair ability. Once damaged, the hair itself cannot return to its normal state. Hair that grows out of follicles has nothing to do with hair follicles, so cutting off the nourishing tips of hair will not make the hair grow faster.

So is there any way to speed up hair growth?

In fact, the method of stimulating the scalp will have a certain effect on the hair follicles. This method is also widely spread among the people. Let's talk about this topic that may be useful to you.

Use a bone or wooden comb to comb your hair 200 times in the morning and evening every day, which can make your hair grow faster and turn white hair into black. In fact, this principle is to speed up the blood circulation of the head by combing the hair, thereby stimulating the activity of the hair follicles, which may make the hair grow faster, or it may make the gray hair gradually decrease, so that the hair that has fallen off again grow out.

hair growth

In addition, inject 3ml hair growth serum into each 100ml shampoo and stir it evenly for use. If you insist on using it for about 10 days, your hair quality will improve significantly.If you keep using it for 1 month, your hair will grow significantly.

hair growth serum


LANBENA is a professional brand for acne, blackhead, scar, hair growth, teeth whitening, its hair regrowth serum can treat your hair with rich nourishment, strengthen the nutrition of hair root, accelerate hair regrowth, prevent baldness effectively and cure scalp and provide it with protection.

hair growth serum

Maybe, you have lost faith in your hair problem, but please don't give up, be sure to try my two methods.



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