Playing Eye Makeup, Do Not Miss The 8 Eyeshadow Paltte

Eye makeup is a very important part of the whole makeup, and it is also the most tedious and time-consuming part. If you can pick the right product, you can do more with less. Today, we will recommend 8 easy-to-operate eyeshadow palettes with a high repurchase rate.

1 UCANBE 86 colors eyeshadow palette 

UCANBE is a brand specializing in eyeshadow, and the big eyeshadow palette is the core product of UCANBE.

This 86 colors eyeshadow palette includes:
80 x eyeshadows
2 x shimmer highlighter powders
2 x bronze powders
2 x blush powders

It is especially suitable for senior makeup lovers.

UCANBE EXOTIC FLAVORS eyeshadow palette.

This eyeshadow palette filled with 48 colorful highly pigmented eye shadow pressed powder, include 24 matte and 6 neon colors + 14 shimmer colors + 4 glitter metallic colors, create different stunning eye makeup looks!

It is also suitable for makeup lovers with rich experience.

3 JUDYDOLL vincent's wheat fields eyeshadow palette

This 20-color eyeshadow palette is relatively conservative and classic, suitable for makeup lovers with limited makeup experience or complete makeup novice.
And it's very good to color, very easy to operate.

4 ZEESEA X British Museum 16 colors eyeshadow palette

This 16 colors eyeshadow palette has 6 styles, and each style is perfectly matched, and the characteristics are obvious, it is a good choice for anyone.

Both matte shadows and shimmers ha e velvet creamy texture in range of metallic, satin, and matte finishes. Each color is unique, easy to layer and blend.

It is small and exquisite, suitable for traveling or going out to carry. 

ZEESEA X British Museum 12 colors eyeshadow palette

Inspired by the "Alice in Wonderland", representing the fantasy of the unknown. This eyeshadow collection comes with the shades of beautiful roses and caramel chestnut, uplifting your makeup for effortless allure, will give you a romantic look.

The eyeshadow palette comes in 9 colors, including matte finish and shimmer finish. You can use one of these colors alone or two or more in combination to create a variety of different looks.

The color matching is bold and the saturation is relatively high, which is suitable for makeup lover with certain skills.

6 COLORKEY x Pokemom eyeshadow palette

I'm sure all of us are attracted to its appearance first. Pikachu brings back a lot of fond memories for us. In fact, in addition to its cute appearance, its color matching and powder quality are also very excellent.

This eyeshadow palette has 3 styles, #02 is suitable for beginner. #01 #03 is better for makeup lovers with certain skill.

07 UCANBE 16 colors pro glitter eyeshadow palette

For all makeup lovers who love glitter eyeshadow, this glitter eyeshadow palette is the best choice for you.

This video from reviewer clearly shows its unique beauty.

Even if you're a makeup novice, you can handle it well.

8 COLORKEY diamond glitte liquid eyeshadow

It is glaze shimmer and glitter style, which gives your sparkle eye makeup.

This glitter liquid eyeshadow has 6 colors, and each one is classic and shiny diamond style.

For the entire eye makeup, you only use this glitter liquid eyeshadow, you also can create the perfect eye makeup and make you shimmery and radiant.

Many friends told us through social media that it is too difficult to do eye makeup. In fact, it feels the same for everyone. It's just that whether you have enough practice, it doesn't matter if you fail, practice makes perfect.

Have a nice day!

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