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Skin Soft Gold And Repair Expert - Freeze-dried Powder

What is freeze-dried powder?

Freeze-dried powder is a kind of powder made by freeze-drying technology. Simply put, freeze-dried powder is formulated in a vacuum freeze dryer with active ingredients (such as oligopeptide factors) and excipients (such as mannitol) The medicinal liquid is first frozen into ultra-low temperature solid ice with ultra-low temperature, and then vacuum is applied to directly sublimate and remove the water in the solid ice to form a powder.

Freeze-dried powder due to its unique production process, most of the product ingredients maintain the original biological activity, can go directly to the deep layer of your skin, repair cells, so as to more effectively improve various skin problems, such as acne marks, acne pits, skin damage , weak stratum corneum, various minimally invasive postoperative care.

Bifid yeast and oligopeptide-1, combined with the latest technology, play an effective repair role and complete the mission of fighting aging.

In the past, you would need to go to a professional beauty salon to inject reagents, which have achieved the effects of anti-beating and repairing. Now at home, you can easily do beauty treatments yourself and have young skin.

Under normal circumstances, after blending a bottle of freeze-dried powder, try to use it up within a week. It is fine to use it once a day. If you want to use freeze-dried powder to achieve good skin care effects, you have to use it in a cycle. One month can be regarded as a cycle.

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