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Why Not Choose Peel Off Nail Polish

I have encountered several times that the clients complained to me that their nails started to turn yellow, so they threw away all the nail products.


As a manicure practitioner, we have been in contact with nail products and customers every day for a long time, and we know deeply the misunderstandings.


I need to say: nail polish and gel nail polish do no harm to nails, only nail removal will hurt nails.

If you don't have a perfect way to remove your nails and want to stop damage, you can choose peel off nail products.

For me, I prefer peel off nail polish, which is very convenient. A bottle of nail polish + a top coat is ok. The surface layer dries in 1 minute, and you can do your own thing. It can dry out in 2 hours. The nails are ready to get wet.


Peel off nail polish is sure to brush more than 2 layers, and then apply a top coat, so that your nails can last 3-4 days.

NOTE: The top coat must be covered not only the surface of the nail, but also the edge of the nail.

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