Your Guide To Choose for FLOWER KNOWS Chocolate Wonder-Shop Seies🍫

FLOWER KNOWS 2022 autumn and winter new products Chocolate Wonder-Shop Seies are online🍫

As the finale of 2022, there are many highlights and hot spots:
Large-capacity lip cream, chocolate pie, oil painting preppy girl, 
Whether it is the color matching, design, or texture of the tube body, the designer's hard work and creativity are all full marks.

Not much nonsense, let's take a look at the color test of Cloud Lip Cream🙋🏻‍♀️

This time I feel like a magical ghost girl sitting in a retro autumn fantasy store eating chocolate desserts!

While the texture continues the advantages of Strawberry Rococo's softness and lightness, the update of the brush head makes the use feel more silky, as silky as chocolate.

It is more portable and has a capacity of 4.5ml! Full of sincerity!

The new low-saturated color scheme is more suitable for autumn and winter!
The texture of cloud lip cream is really classic! The mouth is light and thin, and the touch is not dry!
But at the same time, it has the feeling of lip mud + matte lip glaze!
There are three types of colors: milk tea apricot/bean paste black tea/clay coffee

There are all autumn and winter colors that can be imagined

The shell is a square golden brick chocolate block! There will be a light chocolate smell when opened.

【CH01-CH03 Milk Tea Coffee Shell】
Nude milk tea color is the main color, suitable for daily work and life.
【CH04-CH06 Witch Pink Shell】
Elegant pink bean paste black tea color, suitable for travel, shopping, dinner.
【CH07-CH09 Mocha brown shell】
Rich tea brown, chocolate color, suitable for important occasions, parties, festivals, when you need to enhance your aura.

CH07 Fireplace Tea

The color of the mocha brown shell is very suitable for this theme.

It's just a tan with a little bit of cinnamon reddish brown,

Suitable for all skin types, including dark skin.

CH06 Sunset Sycamore

Red tone maple tea color, thin coating is a bit orange in it

Overall, it looks great with autumn and winter clothes.

Yellow and black skin is also very suitable.

The classic rich maple leaf red tea color, which can enhance the complexion and make it white

The whole skin has improved several shades.

CH03 Honey Apricot

Adding warm red tones to the ordinary almond color suddenly changes the vitality!

It is the best choice for daily nude makeup, work, and daily makeup.

The choice of lipstick number is very important. If you don't have a clear idea, it is recommended to use multiple colors to create your own exclusive color number.

FLOWER KNOWS Chocolate Wonder-Shop Seies eyeshadow palette, with 8 colors perfect matching,
The three styles are carefully selected sweet retro palette!

Create a full sense of smart eye makeup atmosphere in winter!
Inspired by milk, matcha, strawberry
The dessert color scheme is really cute and easy to work well!
The powder quality has improved again!

When testing the color on the arm, you can feel that the powder is super smooth,
The matte color is more silky and delicate, as rich as raw chocolate,
The broken diamond sequin color can be painted casually, and there will be wet water inspiration,
Six matte and two glitter colors,
It can be used for makeup or daily use!

01 The Nutcracker 
Chocolate palette, rich and versatile all-cocoa chocolate color scheme, with gradients in depth, easy to draw layered smoky makeup, every color can be used, and none of them is a waste color.

02 Young Shepherdess
Matcha latte palette, low saturation matcha olive brown color inspired by winter valley scenery,
Novices don't have to be afraid of that green shade!
The low saturation will not feel very abrupt to the eyes.
The color of the whole palette is earthy olive brown.
It reduces swelling and is also suitable for olive skin.
It can be used for daily makeup and has high practicality.

03 Witch Shop
Strawberry black palette, super cool cement gray black + highly saturated hot pink + dreamy blue purple sequins = Gothic sweetheart little witch!

In fact, if the budget is sufficient, I want all three eyeshadow palettes.

The new member of FLOWER KNOWS Blusher family is reporting!

Chocolate Wonder-Shop Seies makeup blusher are here🍫

The fine powder that continues the cashmere feeling blends into the skin like a natural color!

The makeup blush adopts the shape of a classic retro plaid oval brooch,
Small and portable, each piece is carefully selected color,
With the same series of mushroom head stippling brushes, the natural skin sticking effect is better!
Who wouldn't be tempted by all the pretty girls with retro British style pattern elements.

01 Bedtime Story
Like a baby's pink face, the pink color is close to nude.
It is suitable for any skin tone.

02 Knitted Bear
After you put it on your face, it will make your temperament more gentle,
For relaxed occasions, this one is the best choice.
It is suitable for warm yellow skin, natural skin.

03 Tartan Coat
It is especially beautiful after blooming, as natural and beautiful as blooming flowers,
Suitable for medium and tan skin tone.

04 Antique Doll
It has the effect of shrinking and creating atmosphere,
Yellow and black skin, you can choose this one with your eyes closed.

Next it's the turn of Chocolate Wonder-Shop Seies highlighter & contour palette.
This is an innovation for FLOWER KNOWS. The R&D team spent a lot of energy and tested it for a long time before it was created.

Champagne-colored pearlescent highlighter + beige matte highlighter + soft light gray-brown for nose contour + gray-brown for facial contour,
One palette of four colors can modify the whole face.
The cashmere-like powder is fine and skin-friendly!
Inspired by the look of vintage British gift boxes, it depicts the embossed design of a fairy-tale magical chocolate shop!

Okay, time is limited, the article is too long, let's talk about Chocolate Wonder-Shop Seies mascara as the last one.

Paired with strawberry and dark chocolate, it is mellow and slightly bitter with a sense of sweetness!
With that shell polarized light is the feeling of a gothic little witch!

This is what I want for my slender eyelashes!
The humidity of the paste is just right!
The ultra-fine eyelash brush head is not easy to agglomerate no matter how it is stacked
Brush vertically directly, and the eyelashes that come out of the brush will say that the roots of the eyelashes are distinct and masculine!
It didn't collapse after a day, and the durability was really crazy.
Divided into two colors, brown sugar color and milk coffee color, all kinds of makeup can be taken care of!

Similarly, there are also Chocolate Wonder-Shop Seies hand holding mirror, makeup brush, and hair clip on the line this time, and you can purchase them according to your preferences.

Enjoy your shoping on LookHealthyStore🍫🍫🍫🍫

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