EVM Retinol Hexapeptide Anti-Wrinkle Essence Serum T2133

Brand: EVM
Quantity: 1 Bottle.
Main ingredients: Retinol, Hexapeptide, Sea fennel, Fucoidan, Tuberose Extract, Dendrobium nobile stem extract, Aloe vera extract, Sophora flavescens root extract, Lycium barbarum extract, Echinacea purpurea extract.
Net weight: 30ml

EVM Retinol serum, using IAR (Inumax Advanced Retionl) active packaging technology, wraps the pure retinol with inulin, and conducts it to the bottom layer of the skin in a gentle and stable manner. Compared with traditional retinol, More stable and safer.
This anti-aging serum effectively diminishes fine lines and make skin more elastic and shiny.
Firms, soothes and moisturizes, repairs the skin around the eyes.

The Story of EVM Brand
EVM is the leader of Chinese cosmeceutical brands. EVM = ever master, which means long-term management master. The brand insists on simple, pure and effective. The main products cover face cream, serum, eye cream, facial masks, toners, lotions, etc.