VIBRANT GLAMOUR 2 Pcs Hexapeptide Collagen Anti-aging Serum T499

Quantity: 2 bottles
Ingredients: acetyl hexapeptide -8, water, glycerin, 1-3-propaneddiol, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, hyluronic acid, bet-glucan, triethanolamine, carbomer, hydroxyethyl cellulose, phenoxyethanol, ethyl hexylglycerol, p-hydroxyacetophenone
Net Weight: 2 * 15ml/0.5 oz

collagen essence, the secret for 10 years younger
☑fishtail wrinkle
☑forehead wrinkle
☑nasolabial wrinkle
☑pouch wrinkle

1 Collaxyl collagen protein is added with apparent effect for loose skin, can instantly convert nutrition ingredients needed by skin, allow skin to recover vitality.
2 Reduce expression wrinkles on the face, nicrogrooves on eyes, forehead wrinkle, nasolabial wrinkle and neck wrinkle, improve water content of skin, allow skin to be more fine and smooth.
3 Improve roughness of skin on the face, as well as holes and various microgrooves caused by weakened skin repair ability due to outflow of collagen protein.
4 Multi-purposes, it can be used directly or mixed with cream, lotion, water, etc.

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Skin Types:
Suitable for various skin types