EVM Retinol Skin Revitalizing Essence Anti-aging Face Cream T2920

Brand: EVM
Quantity: 1 Bottle.
Net weight: 1.69 fl oz/48g
Main ingredients:
Retinol, blue copper peptide, shrimp spine orchid, sea fennel, cocoa butter, Lin Lan Runlu (Patent number: ZL 2014 1 0037363.2), tuberose extract, golden bean seed extract.

The cause of epidermal aging is traced back to the fact that the skin is no longer full of vitality and gradually loses its ability to repair and renew itself.
EVM Retinol Anti-wrinkles Facial Cream, contains 10.6% of two major anti-aging ingredients, German encapsulated retinol and blue copper peptide, 1% of 2 great revitalizing and healing ingredients sea fennel and shrimp spine orchid, 6.4% of EVM laboratory special research ingredient Lin Lan Runlu, Deeply hydrating, firmly locks in moisture.
Let your skin be able to withstand the precipitation of the years, firm, elastic, and still radiate the vitality of life.
Awaken the skin inside and outside, enhance anti-aging ability
Silky soft touch, moisturizing like essential oil, with a refreshing texture that can be used by any skin type.

Due to the strong effect of retinol, it is recommended to use a gradual method for the first time, 2-3 times a week. After stabilization, it can be used every morning and evening.
For sensitive skin, it is recommended to skin test the product on the inside of the wrist and behind the ear before use.

The Story of EVM Brand
EVM is the leader of Chinese cosmeceutical brands. EVM = ever master, which means long-term management master. The brand insists on simple, pure and effective. The main products cover face cream, serum, eye cream, facial masks, toners, lotions, etc.