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Hello guys, today we are going to talk about skin care! Who has heard of skin care? I believe that most, you know, and for those who don't know, this is a skin care practice, from cleaning to hydration and care. And that name became a trend but in fact it should never have gone out of style, right, because skin care is all wonderful and healthy! And it was thinking like this that I met the LookhealthyStore store, and I was able to receive a product from them so that I could test it and I came to tell you! First I present to you my newest darling eye and face cream:
This is the Stay up late compact gold eye cream. BEILINGMEI Dark Circle Cream has a long-lasting moisturizing effect, replenishes nutrients around the eyes, relieves eye bags, increases skin elasticity and makes eyes soft. Let's go and come if it's not wonderful!
I've been using it for a week and I can already see the difference in hydration and elasticity in the area of my eyes, and I managed to notice this when I went to apply makeup and the skin was well sealed, with the pores tightly closed. It's definitely making a big difference to my skin!
Its texture is very soft and velvety, it looks like a little gel, its color is wonderful, all golden with transparency, the smell is very good, somewhat sweet, but very light! It contains sodium hyaluronate leaves the skin smooth, being a nutritional supplement. Honeysuckle extract is a moisturizer, and it tightens the skin's elasticity. And also Glycerin that leaves the skin fresh and moist.
You can feel all this ingredient when it passes through the skin, it is something incredible! I didn't know the brand or the store, but I will definitely buy a lot there! The price is wonderful, it is a completely reliable and safe store and moreover they sell many other skin products from Skin Care as makeup! Guys, I'm very passionate about this product and this store has become one of my favorites!

You find here: BEILING MEI Gold Anti Aging Dark Circle Eye Cream T22

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