Wasjoye Wizard of Oz Retro European Handmade Desk Mirror T3233

Brand: Wasjoye
Quantity: 1 Pc
Net weight: 980g (comes with a buffer box, including the box weighs 1.3kg)
Height 35cm, base diameter 11cm;
Mirror viewing area: width 11cm, height 16cm.
A 12cm*17.7cm photo can be placed on the back.
Material: Tin alloy, colored tin glue.
Production Process: metal grinding and polishing, metal engraving, manual drawing.

- This is a very meaningful mirror, one side is a silver mirror, one side is a photo frame, one side is the present you, and the other side is the past you, no matter the past or the present, you are the best self.
- The metal part is made of high-quality zinc alloy, and the color is made of colored tin glue technology, which will not fade or rust.
- The mirror surface adopts high-definition mercury mirror, which ensures the clear and fidelity of the image, allowing you to see the most beautiful and true self every day.
- Classical and elegant carvings, you will have a happy mood when you see it, and please yourself.

The Story of Wasjoye Brand
Wasjoye is a brand specializing in handmade exquisite jewelry, retro style, palace style, and its products are famous for heavy work and fine carving.
Jewelry boxes and makeup mirrors are loved by women who love life and pursue exquisite and tasteful life.
Wasjoye, open a journey of mystical life.😘