3CE Mood Recipe Triple Eyeshadow #DAINTY TASTY T2099

Brand: 3CE
Quantity: 1 Box.
Net weight: 3.5g

Product description:
The vivid color makes you look more gorgeous and beautiful.
It applies well on your eye rim.
We have various colors, so choose one depending on your taste and skin type.
The smooth, silky texture is buildable and blendable without clumps.
There are three colors in it.
Made in Korea

Soft and moist feeling like silk soft matte - The fine particles of mineral powder are soft and spread well.
Harmonious color harmony - The harmonious color arrangement of nine tone-on-tones creates a more complete eye makeup with a deeper and more mellow color as layered together.
Clear and clear transparent color - It removes the dullness characteristic of powder, develops a clear and transparent color, and creates a clean makeup even by layering multiple colors.