NEE JOLIE 15ml Crystal Poly Extension Gel for Acrylic Nails T2404

Quantity: 1 bottles
Net weight: 15ml

NEE JOLIE poly extension gel for nail is stronge, flexible , making it easier to control. Natural Ingredient is less harmful to nails.
Poly extension gel for nails will last up to about one month or longer with proper nail prep (filing, buffering, and cleaning ). For the better adhesion, you can also apply nail dehydrator and primer which can last the nail much longer.
Dark Pink poly extension gel makes your nails look natural, with pretty length and neatness. It is suitable for creating a nail extension in different shape like square nails, oval nails , coffin nails or french nails, also perfect to do french nails with the white one.
For preventing the gel sticking to the brush or other poly extension gel nail tools, you can dip the brush in slip solution (not included in this kit ) or 75% isopropyl alcohol.
For removing, a nail drill machine can help you to remove faster and cleaner.

May cause an allergic reaction by skin contact.
Read directions for use carefully. Professionally formulated and only used for nails.
Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, and skin. In case of contact with them, rinse immediately with water. If there is any incident, contact the doctor immediately.
Stop using the product if redness and itching develop. Keep out of the reach of children.