CHIOTURE Gorgeous Waltz Series Silky Satin & Starry Diamond Highlighter Powder T3696

Quantity: 1 highlighter palette
Net Weight: 3g
#S02 Moonlight Ballet
-Cold tone pink-white
#S03 Peach Gold Dance
- Orange pink, polarizing color
#D01 Diamond On Skirt
- Clear brown base + bright silver flash

#S01 Sunshine Prelude
Synthetic fluorine golden cloud mother, CI 77891, polymond methallar silicide, cloud mother, silicon, ethylene polygenidal siliconane/polymethyl silicoxane semi -silicane, polymer Siliconoxane, CI 77491, tin oxide, palmate ethyl ester, cindian duolly glycols, hydraomic acid ester, double-di-glycolohrobacidal diicate-2, peard tannal hard fat fat Aramite, aluminate, phenoxyr, magnesium, magnesium, olee, water, tritetoette, boron nitride, chlorine oxide, polyacrylamide C13-14 isopic alkane, Laulol polyether-7.
#D01 Diamond On Skirt
Divine -gymine, borosilicate calcium, borosilicate oligosilica, polymethyl semi -siliconxane, polyxyl siliconxane/ethylene polyghydoxide syndicate, polymer, Synthetic fluorine golden cloud mother, polymidimethylsal silicide, magnesium of cutmecate, polymethyl siliconxane interconnection polymer, CI 77891, CI 77820, CI 77499, cloud mother, phenoxol, CI 77492, CI 77492, CI 77492, CI 77492 , Chanoliol, Silicon, Silicine of Total Oxygen, tin oxide.

Those light, I don't know who was sent to the cheeks,
From one after another, hidden somewhere,
Can't bear the jumping of the heart,
Accepting light invitations,
Dance with light and embrace light.

- 12-hour constant temperature baking, delicate Pearlescent, translucent as water, skin-friendly & melted to your skin easily, better fit your skin.
- The frost-to-powder-liquid powder technology, flashing diamond luster, as bright as starlight.
- It can be used for face highlighter, eye makeup, and highlighter of the body.

The Story of CHIOTURE Brand
CHIOTURE, Originated in Shanghai, a global fashion makeup catcher and a representative of cutting-edge national trends.
CHIOTURE is a cosmetics brand that focuses on becoming a "global trend makeup catcher". By integrating trendy colors with clear elements, it aims to create a vibrant "Lifestyle" brand of creative makeup.
CHIOTURE, brings every woman the frank beauty that is closest to natural life.🧚