Court Style Retro Foldable Handle Mirror + Comb Set T2783

Size: Mirror is about 16*8cm ; Comb is about 13*4cm
Main material: zinc alloy + PVC
Package: The mirror can be folded ; Packing with Box
01 Rose (Bronze)
02 Rose (Red Patina)
03 Peacock (Bronze)
04 Peacock Looking Back (Gold)
05 Peacock (Red Patina)
06 Proud Peacock (Gold)
07 Blooming Flowers (Bronze)

1 The material is environmentally friendly and healthy, and the fine inlay technology makes the makeup mirror present a beautiful side to you, so that you can have a good mood every time you look in the mirror.
2 Aluminum alloy metal material, no rust, 3D three-dimensional relief + hand inlaid rhinestones and painting, glued coloring process, no fading.
3 Aluminum alloy comb, the color part is also glued, and does not fade. Use in the morning and evening for a good scalp massage effect.
4 Anti-static treatment, let you have soft hair.