GALIMARD Professional Super Soft Makeup Brush T3521

Quantity: 1 Stick
Bristles: bionic fiber raw materials
Brush tube: Frosted thickened aluminum tube
Brush handle: log paint brush handle
#Powder Brush
Used for blusher, makeup powder
#Concealer Brush
Used for concealer
#Foundation Brush
Used for foundation, primer

- Professional makeup brushes for facial makeup to create a clean and three-dimensional makeup.
- Using the original 4.0 bionic carbon fiber bristles, it is committed to creating gentle and powerful bristles, bringing you the ultimate makeup experience.
- Practical brush type, can take good care of spots and surfaces, very easy to operate.

The Story of GALIMARD Brand
Do professional base makeup and firmly believe in the power of being seen.
Based on long-lasting makeup and color, create a professional base makeup.

From the pioneer of domestic make-up and long-lasting color base makeup, to become a pioneering domestic make-up base makeup brand with millions of users.
Before being seen by everyone, GALIMARD has walked on this road for 1460 days.

Make professional base makeup products that everyone likes and really needs.
We say so, and we do so.🥰

GALIMARD - Advocate of professional base makeup💞