KaSi 8W LED UV Mini Nail Lamp For Gel Polish & Extension Gel T3297

Brand: KaSi
Quantity: 1 machine
Suitable for all nail gel, including extension gel.

Product Function Parameters:
Maximum power: 8W
Rated input: 100~240V50/60HZ
Rated output: DC5V/1A
Optical wavelength: 365nm+405nm
Interface: Type-C USD
Note: It can be connected to the power supply by connecting the mobile phone charger or power bank.

Upgrade 2.0 Version 45° gather type lamp beads to solve the problem of slow extraction of ordinary lamp beads.
Dual light sources are more durable.
Extraction speed is faster, 30S for gel polish, 60S for extension gel.
Ring base, smooth and comfortable.
Hi-tech and healthy nail dryer for our hands, with no any harm.
Small and cute, easy to carry.

How To Use:
Click to open 60S timing
Long press to switch 90S timing
Press the key again to turn off

The Story of KaSi Brand
KaSi, professional salon nail art brand, was established in 2012.
Professional focus on gel polish, cat eye gel polish, functional gel polish, as well as nail decorations and nai art tools.
KaSi is committed to creating high-quality nail products that pursue pure colors, super pigmented, and healthy and environmentally friendly.
KaSi, a habit of nail art.💐