KaSi Professional Magnet Stick For Cat Eye Gel Nails T3642

Brand: KaSi
Quantity: 1 stick
Large magnet bar for nail salon
Powerful thickened rectangular magnet
Double-headed multi-function magnet rod
Super powerful thick cylinder
Thickened short square magnet
Lightweight short square magnet
Lightweight round magnet
Double headed lightning magnet rod
Handle cylindrical magnet
Double-ended flower magnet
Square splicing magnet

Note: The magnet stick must be used with cat eye gel polish.

- If you want to have a magical cat eye gel nails, the difference between you and professional nail designers just need a good magnet stick.
- There are 11 styles in total, you can choose what you need to make your own pattern design with cat eye nail gel easily.
- Kasi Professional Magnet Stick uses high-quality magnets and excellent craftsmanship to create a convenient operation, Long-term durability, can easily absorb various creative cat eye nails.
- High magnetic, use it can easily get the 3D magic cat eye effect within 5-10 seconds.

The Story of KaSi Brand
KaSi, professional salon nail art brand, was established in 2012.
Professional focus on gel polish, cat eye gel polish, functional gel polish, as well as nail decorations and nai art tools.
KaSi is committed to creating high-quality nail products that pursue pure colors, super pigmented, and healthy and environmentally friendly.
KaSi, a habit of nail art.💐