KellyKessa Professional Stainless Steel U-shaped Flat Scissors T3511

Brand: KellyKessa
Quantity: 1 stick
Net Weight: 50g

KellyKessa interprets fingertip art aesthetics with rich colors.
It makes your life so beautiful.

1 Professional for cutting acrylic extension nails.
2 Made of high-quality steel, the blade is sharp, and it can cut out the nail shape at one time, allowing you to trim the nail easily.
3 The blade is adjustable for tightness, comfortable grip, easy rebound, and durable.
4 Equipped with a garbage waste box, all the debris falls into it, very clean and hygienic, convenient to use.

How To Use:
Step 1 Apply adhesive gel on the nail
Step 2 Place the nail piece on the nail surface, press lightly, and cure under the light.
Step 3 Cut out the appropriate length with flat scissors.
Step 4 Done well.

The Story of KellyKessa Brand
KellyKessa, established in 2016, focuses on the R&D, production and sales of gel polish and nail tools.

Get inspiration from the fashion runway, cooperate with global brand suppliers, create each product with heart, combine international cutting-edge makeup trends, provide consumers with rich and professional nai art products, and bring more beauty and happiness to people's lives .

With "UNLIMITED BEAUTY" as the brand proposition, it advocates that the younger generation should not be bound by external labels, but strive to break through themselves, actively explore more possibilities in life, and meet a better self.

KellyKessa, love what I love.💅💯