LHS 3 Pcs Random Color Eyebrow Trimmer Set T1836

Brand: Lookhealthystore
Quantity: 3 Pc/ Set
Weight: 30g.

Product description:
1 This eyebrow razor is sharp, smooth and easy to manipulate.
Stainless steel blade, long-lasting sharpness.
2 Use the face razor for women to shape your eyebrows as needed.
These razors help to define and leave your brows looking nice and clean.
Each has a protective cover over the blade for travel and storage.
3 Using different color trimming razor on different of body parts: Eyebrow, Face, Hair, Bikini Lines etc. 
4 Designed with netted blade, which is useful to help protect skin, super safe for beginner.
5 Use the face shaver for getting forehead, mustache, peach fuzz, more hair and dead skin off of your face for a nice makeup application.