MAOGEPING Professional Makeup Brush T3795

Quantity: 1 Stick
Brush Material: goat hair, fiber hair
#T302 Concealer Brush
#F08 / #F18 Nose Shadow Brush
#P106 Double-headed Contour Brush
#E102 Eyeshadow Brush
#B24 Blusher Brush
#T301 Concealer Brush
#T107 / #T207 Eyebrow Brush
#P12 Loose Powder Brush
#P14 Loose Powder Brush
#Portable Lip Brush
#Portable Foundation Brush
#T501 Multi-Use Contour Brush
#F12 Flat Contour brush
#F25 Large Foundation Brush

Due to different production batches and different applicable channels, the product numbers may occasionally be different, but all makeup brushes will be exactly the same.

Based on makeup master Mao Geping's more than ten years of experience, meticulous workmanship and demanding details, use professional technology and attitude to create more practical brushes, making makeup more convenient.

Selling Points:
- Select high-quality goat hair and elastic fiber hair, apply color accurately, and have just the right amount of powder-grabbing power. At the same time, the points and surfaces are taken care of, and the shading and gradient are more natural.
- It adopts ergonomic design, carefully considers the concave arc design, exquisite brush head, and comfortable brush handle, making makeup application easier and more precise.

The Story of MAOGEPING Brand
MAOGEPING cosmetics brand, founded in 2000, the founder is Mao Geping, who is the most famous make-up artist in contemporary China and the most influential make-up teaching authority.
Mao Geping said: "In fact, how to make a person's makeup beautiful is the displacement of the bones.
Adjust the original bone phase by highlighting and shadowing.
With a good bone physiognomy, the facial features are only the last characterization."
🌸If you're looking for an impeccable makeup base, MAOGEPING is the way to go.👇