SHRMEIL USB Rechargeable Electric Heated Eyelash Curler (1.0) T2899

Quantity: 1 Stick
Style: pink and white

1 Does not hurt your eyelashes
The curved curling design is more suitable for your eye shape and will not burn your eyelids and eyelashes
2 Long-lasting curl
Use with mascara for thicker, longer and more curled lashes
3 Simple to Use
Simple operation and easy to use, easy to curl your lash.
4 Type-C fast charging, long battery life
USB Type-C fast charging, one full charge can be used 15 times

Green indicator light
Low temperature file 65℃
Suitable for short, soft lashes

Blue indicator light
Low temperature file 85℃
Suitable for long, hard lashes

How To Use:
Step 1 Warm up
Press and hold the switch for 1.5 seconds to start up to warm up, wait for 30 seconds, and the silicone chuck can be used after it turns white.
Step 2 Curl
Gently clip, achieve long-lasting curling.
Step 3 Shape
Apply mascara to make lashes look thicker and curlier.