JOOCYEE Motion Color Series Four-color Eyeshadow Palette T2449

Quantity: 4 shades eyeshadow palette
Net weight: 4.3g
F01 Terra Cotta
F10 Milk Apricot
F11 Brown Chestnut
F12 Fog Peach
F13 Grey Taro
F14 Orchid Night Seires
F18 Wisteria Wood
F19 Love Song in Spring

- Create daily eye look easily with vivid tone combination.
- Fine and soft powder, high color rendering and high extension, good smuage and long lasting non flying powder.
- Comes with mirror to help with application.
- One palette is meet for daily makeup, especially for travel.

Apply makeup powder with fingers or makeup brush until desire outcome achieved.

JOOCYEE Brand Story
JOOCYEE brand was established in 2020 and is a make-up brand for the new generation of women.
We believe beauty is the gentle antidote to life,
We want to be a catalyst for beauty,
Integrate practicality, quality and creativity to catalyze more happiness for you.
JOOCYEE, make your beauty unique. 💃