👀Why Girlcult SCI-FI MYTHOLOGY Series Is So Popular💧💄

Winter limited edition ❄️|Girlcult SCI-FI MYTHOLOGY Series Mermaid Crying Tears💧
Girlcult's new product is really good! !

I I just want to say: Girlcult - A weird retro adventurer who pursues romance.💘💞

👀 Girlcult Eyeshadow Palette

There are two styles in total.

#44 The Wizard of Oz
#45 Mermaid Crying Tears

🌊Eyeshadow Palette #45 Mermaid Crying Tears

This palette is very suitable for the recent super-hot oil painting frostbite makeup! Especially that blue matte!
The color is very saturated and rich, very oil painting!
The blue-purple light change shade has a lot of sparkle, and the discoloration effect is also very good.
If you are worried that the holographic will be abrupt on frostbite makeup, don't worry at all.
This holographic is more natural than the holographic of European and American brands, so frostbite makeup will not be very strange, of course, it is also possible for daily use!
Or it can be used as a highlighter, but if you want to be more obvious, you can use it wet, which is more obvious, and if you use it wet, it is perfect as a truncated line.

It's hard to find a reason not to love it.

⛰️Eyeshadow Palette #44 The Wizard of Oz

The green-brown color scheme is really something I can't refuse!
I love it so much!
This palette can be used daily, and because it is more brown than the previous series, it can also be used in winter.
When truncated it is also possible to use.
The sparkle of this palette is also fantastic!

This lazy and grotesque beauty is absolutely unique.

💄Girlcult Mirror Lip Gloss

This time only updated 4 colors, we are firmly opposed to consumerism, if you can buy one, you are not encouraged to buy two, consume rationally, and make a contribution to the environmental protection of the earth.

The quality and ingredients of SCI-FI MYTHOLOGY Series lip glaze have been upgraded, and the dark lip staining phenomenon of Dreamland Series mirror lip glaze has been improved. You can easily remove lip makeup and leave clean and moisturized lips.

Girlcult is very sincere, adding very precious malachite extract to the mirror lip glaze.
Malachite extract, the English name is MALACHITE EXTRACT, the main function of malachite extract in cosmetics and skin care products is skin conditioner, antioxidant, moisturizer, the risk factor is 1, relatively safe, can be used with confidence, generally not for pregnant women Affect, malachite extract has no comedogenicity.

📖Mirror Lip Glaze J78 Wooden Naked Coffee Beauty

Woody nude coffee color, light European nude makeup, the love of yellow skin.
It is also a very good choice for daily collocation, especially for winter.

🕸️Mirror Lip Glaze J76 Blue-purple Light Change Illusion

I think it is very suitable to match very well with the eye shadow #45 Mermaid Crying Tears. Gray base color + blue-purple polarized glitter! It's a wonderful match.
After the film is formed, it doesn't stick to the cup, which is very surprising.
Of course, if you want more everyday makeup, you can look at other shades.

💐Mirror Lip Glaze J77 Smoked Rose Pink Leisure

Smoky rose pink + green purple shimmer, specially formulated for olive skin.
Super matte with fine shimmers, this color really brightens up your skin tone.
In the whole series, this one is the most everyday.

🌄Mirror Lip Glaze J79 Black Tea Deep Purple Superb View

Purple brown, a special color in this series, this one is not suitable for daily makeup.
But if you think the previous color number is not hot enough, this one is absolutely perfect, it is super suitable for cool hot girls.

The eye shadow and mirror lip glaze can be matched at will, which is also impeccable.

👁 Girlcult Eyeliner Pen

💙#24 Light Change Weightless Blue

Blue tone chameleon gel pen, lake blue - blue sky - irris blue - deep sea blue, can be used to draw underlined eyeliner, and can be used as eye shadow layering.
It goes well with eyeshadow palette #45 Mermaid Crying Tears, blue eyeshadow + blue eyeliner, the same color matching is amazing!

💚#23 Photosynthetic Lime Green

Matte lime green, used on the inner eye or lower eyelid, it can have a good brightening effect, and it can also be embellished on the eyeliner, which can be matched at will.

I am so impressed by the blue grotesque aesthetics this time, how about you? Like this series?
Looking forward to more amazing makeup works from Girlcult.

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