Is The Cream Really Used As An Eye Cream?

The face cream looks almost the same as the eye cream, and the ingredients are very similar. Can the cream really be used as an eye cream?

First of all, we must understand the difference between the eye area and facial skin:

1. The skin around the eyes is very thin
The skin around the eyes is the thinnest part of the whole body. Because the skin is thin, it is prone to poor blood circulation, puffiness and eye bags.
At the same time, it will transmit light if it is thin, and the venous blood vessels will swell, making dark circles particularly obvious.
At the same time, there are very few sebaceous glands and sweat glands around the eyes, so the pores are fine but easy to dry.

2. The skin around the eyes gets tired easily
The muscles and skin around the eyes are where there are most facial movements, and there are also a lot of unhygienic eye rubbing habits, so old eyes must be old first.

3. Insufficient eye care
Eye makeup is often the most important part of the makeup part, but the care is the least. Especially many people wear sunscreen to avoid the eye area, which is very bad.

All in all, the skin around the eyes is delicate and tender, and it has been treated roughly by pulling back and forth without paying attention to protection. Therefore, the eye area is often the most prone to problems on the face.

🤔What is the difference between eye cream and face cream?

Eye cream is completely indistinguishable from face cream in terms of mechanism of action, active ingredients and emulsification system.

Even looking at a list of ingredients alone may not be able to tell whether the formula is an eye cream or a face cream.

The eye area is delicate, dry and sensitive to allergies. Eye cream, like baby skin care products, will choose a safer fragrance and antiseptic system, and the overall sensitization will be lower.

In fact, eye creams tend to be thicker than face creams.
One is because the eye area is dry and requires heavy moisturizers, and the second is that substances that are too permeable are more likely to cause the "fat particles" you are most afraid of.

So, can face cream be used instead of eye cream?

Regard eye care as a partitioned care. Some people have oily T-zone and dry U-zone. In this case, partition care is recommended. The same applies to the eye area. See if it is sensitive and whether the nutrition of facial skin care products can satisfy the eye area need.

If the eyes are not particularly sensitive, you can use the essence cream as an eye cream.

If the eye area is prone to allergies, or it is much drier than the face, dry lines and fine lines appear, or the facial skin care products have not kept up with the needs of the eye area, then you may need to prepare a separate bottle of eye cream.


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