INSBAHA Galaxy Silver Hand Holding Mirror T3774

Quantity: 1 Pc
Material: ABS
Color: Silver
Size: 10*19CM

What Makes It Magical?
- Exquisite electroplating silver technology, combining the water corrugated metal form with the mirror surface.
- Reflects delicate light, is simple and exquisite and full of tranquil and beautiful emotions.
- Gorgeous metallic texture, 3D water ripple curve.

The Story of INSBAHA Brand
Founded in 2020, INSBAHA is a cutting-edge trendy cosmetics brand under PROYA.🤩
Taking a pioneering stance, releasing cutting-edge cosmetics,
Explore with cool GUYs,
A romantic punk makeup universe exclusive to INSBAHA.
Pursue personalization and diversity;
Focus on the field of cosmetics and dare to innovate and make breakthroughs;
Pay attention to packaging and design, integrating music and beauty.💗
INSBAHA, with fearlessness, independence and subversion as its core DNA, subverts traditional fashion and strives to innovate new professional makeup that is full of INSBAHA's romantic punk spirit.🔥