KALEIDOS Flower of Life Retro Senior Hand Holding Mirror T3533

Quantity: 1 Stick
Dimensions: 219*93*16mm
Color: black purple

Design Inspiration:
Inspired by the gentle arcs and subtle slopes of the female silhouette, this portable mirror is a synthesis of nature’s artistry, fusing life’s vitality and the body’s graceful cradle of creation.

What Makes It Magical?
- High gloss enamel luster, pure and clear, with warm and comfortable touch.
- The oval high-definition mirror surface fits the shape of your face and captures everything glamorous.
- Compact, lightweight, and portable for on-the-go touch ups.
- A rich, heathered purple hue likened to an amethyst dusk.
- Reveal the soul’s depths in a reflection of primal desires.

The Story of KALEIDOS Brand
KALEIDOS was born in Shanghai, China in 2018. It is committed to breaking the stereotypes of the traditional make-up market and developing cosmetics suitable for young girls.
The unremitting pursuit of product quality makes KALEIDOS has the strength to compete with designer brands all over the world.
KALEIDOS is taken from the prefix of Kaleidoscope, the world of Kaleidoscope is colorful, unpredictable and all-encompassing.
No matter who you are, you can find your own space and friends here.💞
KALEIDOS, let the makeup in the bright world have more than one look.⚡