How To Choose The Right Blush Color For Beginner

Blush is the core point to enhance the texture of makeup. Many people can create a good base makeup, draw well an eyeshadow, and apply an amazing mascara, but they are defeated by the blush, either choose the wrong color number or apply the wrong area.

Today, let's solve these two problems together.

1 Choose the right colors, according to your skin tone

Nowadays, blushes appear in front of everyone in various forms, and the dazzling array of new products makes people feel a little overwhelmed. In fact, you can choose the blush texture that suits you according to different skin types, and your makeup can last longer.

Powder blush: Suitable for oily or combination skin, it can increase the complexion and control oil at the same time.

White Skin: 

The fair-skinned girls are lucky. Basically, they can apply all colors, according to their own preferences. But don't use dark blush, or it will be more abrupt. Light pink, orange pink, peach red, and orange are all good choices.

Yellow Skin:

Many Asian girls have a little yellowish skin and their complexion is not very good. Rose, pink orange and coral can brighten skin tone and improve dullness.

Wheat-colored Skin:

Healthy wheat-colored skin feels a bit more European and American. Appropriate matching of light brown, orange, and olive colors can make the face more three-dimensional and become a beautiful temperament.

2 How to apply blush correctly

First of all, let me talk about 3 tips that need to be paid attention to when painting blush.

1. a small amount and many times

Regardless of which texture blush you choose at last, you need to keep in mind that it must be small and many times! After all, I think it can be painted again if it is light, but it is difficult to remove it if it is heavy at once, which is more troublesome.

At the same time, if you are not sure whether the color rendering of the blush is high, you'd better try the color on the back of your hand first.

2. Observe under natural light when you finish applying the blush

Generally, when applying blush indoors, there will be a certain color difference with natural light. It may not be obvious when indoors, but it is already thick when viewed under natural light, so it is best to go under natural light while applying observed.

3. If necessary, you can apply blusher before base makeup

If you choose liquid blush or gel blush cream, you can actually try to apply blush before applying the base makeup. This can perfectly solve the problem of thick blush, and at the same time, you can create a natural makeup feel that is white in red.

Next, let’s talk about how to draw blush.

1. Start from the cheekbones and apply to the vicinity of the temples

This drawing method does not have any requirements for the face shape, and it will look cute.

2. Apply the blush under the cheekbones, and then bring it to the hairline near the temples

This is a slightly modified style of painting, which will make the face appear smaller, and it is very photogenic when taking pictures.

In addition to the painting method above, if you have a round face, you can try to apply the blush directly to the protruding cheekbones. This will lengthen the face and make the face more three-dimensional.

If you have a long face, you can consider applying blush to the apple muscles, but it should be noted that it is best not to be too wide. A small circle is enough, which will reduce the age.

If you have a rhombus or inverted triangle face shape, try applying blush to the lower part of the eyes and the center of the face. This will make the facial contours softer and cute.

Okay, that's all about the blush, I hope it can help you.


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