Spice Girl, Girlcult Is Your Best Choice🧑🏻‍🎤NEW ARRIVAL

Weird retro,
A great adventurer who pursues romance🧑🏻‍🎤

YES! It is Girlcult.

Without further ado, fashion babes, let's get straight to the product.
Every product of Girlcult has its own soul.

The creative inspiration comes from a well-loved fairy tale "Strange Tales from a Liaozhai Studio", in which there are beautiful fox fairies and lovely scholars. Their poignant love stories have touched countless people.

Girlcult Dreamland Series mirror lip glaze.
The rich and extreme mirror effect makes the mouth brighter and brighter.
And it does not stick to the cup and does not fade.
Three dark colors will stain the lips, and it can be easily removed with a wet application of cleansing oil.


J75 Dancing Fireflies, chameleon effect, it is a breakthrough attempt. Girlcult really knows how to play something new


The shape is also eye-catching. For the first time, I felt the unique charm of the mirror lip glaze, which radiates from the inside out.


Girlcult Dreamland Series Chameleon eyeshadow palette.

#42 Coming To The Magical City
The whole board is chameleon color matching.
There is also a pink gold that does not need a background color!


40 Pick A Beautiful Flower
41 Falling In Love With Grass Green
43 In love With A Modern Girl
Each of these three palette contains a solid eyeshadow
Dry use is a very clear diamond flash
Instantly turns metallic when wet, making it easy to create metallic eyeliner.

Girlcult Dreamland Series chameleon eyeliner & eyeshadow pen

All three are chameleon color matching
However, they all retain the dark base color of the eyeliner pen for daily needs, and the daily makeup effect is no problem at all.
The diameter of the nib is only 2.0mm, which is really thin, and novices can easily handle it.


Girlcult Love Talk Series shimmer & matte velvet lip glaze

The texture is quite dense! Much like frozen ice cream, who knows my love! ! !

G63 Love In My Heart
Brown-toned silvery gray with silver shimmer. Really cool and attractive, so special!

G62 Sea Of Roses
Green and gold flashes! Let the plain rose bean paste color shine, sweet and cool!

G61 Soft Whisper
Must-have, this one is my favorite! The smoky pink gray with natural low-key pink and purple polarized light is really detailed and exciting. This color is wonderful!

M43 Charm from Heart
The pure matte one can be seen. The texture is very dense and delicate. In autumn, it is suitable for the occasion and looks white withered maple leaf color! 🍁

M42 Sweet Talk
There is nothing to say about the positive red with a cool tone. After applying it, the tone of the whole face will be raised by three degrees.

Put them on, and I'm the coldest and coolest girl.

Girlcult Fuwa Series mood blusher powder

so sweet! girlcult love letter gift box! ! Well done designer! ! 💌

The texture of ice potato is super easy to use. Blush is Girlcult's core flagship product. Don't have any worries, just choose the color number that suits you.

08 Peaceful Trance
This piece is so beautiful, like an ice cream,
Milk powder and lavender purple mixed brush, really super beautiful.

10 Cute Fuwa
Any skin tone can choose this shade.

Well, we have already launched other products from Girlcult. The article is too long, and I don't have the strength to write it down.

Girlcult - A weird retro adventurer who pursues romance.💘💞

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