The Best Basic Makeup Tips for Beginners, Please Collect It💯

To be honest, we have also come all the way from makeup beginners, so we have done a lot of tutorials for makeup beginners.

Today, for novices with no any experience in makeup, we made this basic makeup tutorial. It is all makeup methods that can be used immediately , hoping to help more friends become more beautiful.

1 Sunblock & Isolation

Sun protection or isolation, just choose one of the two.
Most of the current sunscreens are compatible with sunscreen effects, and you can use a sunscreen with sun protection factor to achieve it in one step; at the same time, if you do a good job of physical sunscreen, the effect will be better.

1 Squeeze out the amount of a one-yuan coin, apply it on your face, and spread it along the direction of the arrow.
2 Do not rub back and forth, it is easy to form mud, and it is not friendly to subsequent makeup.

In order to prevent the makeup from becoming lumpy and easy to take off, the skin care steps should be as simple as possible. Especially in summer, a refreshing and non-greasy base makeup will make the makeup last longer.

2 Foundation

Common types of foundation: liquid foundation, foundation cream, air cushion foundation, lazy makeup cream
If you choose a base makeup product that suits you, remember the following three points:
1 For a better makeup effect, choose liquid foundation, foundation cream;
2 For convenience and fast base makeup, choose an air cushion foundation;
3 To improve the color difference between the neck and face, choose lazy makeup cream.

How to choose the right shade for foundation ?
To choose a color that is close to your own skin tone, makeup beginners should avoid blindly choosing too fair shade, which will make your makeup look very fake.

The foundation is spread evenly from the cheeks to the edges in the way of dots, so that the middle of the foundation is thick and the edges are thin, which has a simple contour effect.

3 Contour & Blusher


1. The three-dimensionality of the nose is the best for improving the flatness of the face. If the cheekbones are obvious, you can use contouring to converge inward.
2. It is best to choose matte for highlights and shadows, which is more natural.
3. You'd better choose a grayish brown color, the reddish color will make the makeup look dirty.
4. Novices need to choose contour products with low chroma, and you can brush it several times.

1. The blusher color should be low-saturation, such as nude or apricot, so that it can be colored better and match the makeup better.
2 The texture of blush suitable for novices: powder > cream > liquid

It takes a small amount of makeup to be applied multiple times, and a little bit of superposition will make the effect of blush more natural.

4 Eyebrow

You don’t need to paint makeup, but you must have eyebrows.
1 If the eyebrow shape is good, just fill it with eyebrow powder.
2 If there are many eyebrow tails missing, you can use eyebrow pencil to outline and extend the eyebrow tail.

When drawing eyebrows, you must start lightly, a small amount and multiple times, don't focus on the partial painting, and use the eyebrows as a whole, so that the drawn eyebrow shape can fit your facial structure.

5 Eye Makeup

Monochromatic eye shadow is the most convenient and simple, just sweep a few times on the upper eyelid, and then take the remaining powder to the end of the eye.
If you want more layered eye makeup, use a darker color and deepen it on the double eyelid and lower eye triangle area, so that the eyes will be more three-dimensional.
Curly eyelashes will enlarge the eyes, and the effect of increasing the agility of the eyes is very good.

6 Lip Makeup

How to choose the lipstick shade that suits you?
Fair skin is suitable for pink lipstick;
Yellow and dark skin can choose lipstick with brown and orange tone;
The color of lipstick, eye color and blush should be consistent to enhance the overall harmony of makeup.

How To do lip makeup?
Apply a thin layer of lipstick, then sip it evenly, and then add a layer on the inside of the upper and lower lips to make the lip makeup more layered.

Well, this is all the main points we have summarized, hoping to be helpful and inspiring to newcomers to makeup.😻

The material of this tutorial comes from MAOGEPING Makeup Business School.

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