Auroras Effect Chrome Nail Powder Air Cushion Pen T2386

Quantity: 1 box
Net Weight: 0.5g
Suitable: 6 Shades to choose.

1 There are 6 different colors of chrome magic nail powder pen can meet any needs of your nails. Compared with ordinary nail powder, this holographic color multi-chrome nail powder has a higher gloss after use.
2 No special nail art skills are required, and there is no need to worry about not being able to successfully apply the powder to the nails. The self-contained sponge stick can easily apply the powder to the nails naturally, and can be cured with an ultraviolet lamp to obtain a perfect nail effect.
3 New Design of Nail Powder Cushion Pen: Unlike traditional nail powder, which requires brushes to apply, our nail powder pen is all in one design, very light and easy to carry with.
Our products use air cushion devices with solid powders,combined with a new design of sponge stick and multi-color nail powder, which is more convenient to use.
4 The powder can be used with UV gel oil and normal nail polish. Different polishing agents will produce different practical effects. Trying different polishes can also bring you more nail fun.