New Solution for Effective Oil Control in Summer Skin

For summer skin, oil control is a top priority. Today we will discuss them one by one according to the level: for summer skin, how to effectively control oil.

1 What kind of skin needs oil control?

Medically, whether it is normal skin, combination skin, or oily skin, oil is generally produced, and the most oily skin on the face is the facial T-zone.
Among them, oily skin is the most obvious, and the requirements for oil control are also the most.

2 Why do more and more people need to control oil?
Most girls are not born with oily skin, but because of the pressure of work nowadays, or staying up late in front of mobile phones and computers for a long time, which leads to the main reason for the exuberant sebaceous glands on the face to secrete oil.

3 How should different groups of people control oil?
Naturally oily skin:
This type of skin needs oil control and hydration.
The purpose of using oil-controlling products is to inhibit more oil secretion on the face. Adequate hydration maintenance is to make the skin achieve a natural state of water-oil balance.

Combination oily skin:
The most common state is that the T-zone is full of oil, while other parts are extremely dry.
For such skin, you can do zone care, use deep cleansing oil-control products or facial masks on the T-zone, and other Focus on hydration or make a water film on the part.

Oily outside and dry inside:
The surface is shiny and oily, but occasionally there is peeling.
Most of these skins are dehydrated. People with this type of skin should pay attention to daily rest and ensure adequate sleep.
They should develop the habit of daily maintenance and regular moisturizing masks.
They can also properly replenish oil to nourish damaged skin. At the same time, they must use isolation and sunscreen.

Oil control tips:
1 Avoid strong alkaline cleansers such as soap bases.
Although it can temporarily and effectively "scrape" the oil, it will inevitably damage the sebum film on the surface of the skin and affect the skin's defense barrier.
Therefore, in daily cleaning work, for proper cleaning, you need choose a mild cleansing product.

2. Simplify the complexity and reduce the skin in high temperature seasons!
Abandon heavy and sticky high-nourishing skin care products, choose refreshing skin care products with moisturizing or gel texture, do a good job of hydrating and moisturizing, and make the skin drink full of moisture!

3. Eat a light diet, work and rest reasonably, and avoid fried or high-calorie foods.
After all, both internal and external maintenance is the king of maintenance!

Recommended must-have oil control items:

Top 1 PECHOIN Aqua Energy face lotion

100% pure natural herbal essence, moisturizing lotion with unlimited repurchase.

Top 2 WINONA oil-control relieving & moisturizing gel 

This is a functional oil control gel with outstanding effects, specially designed for oily skin, skin with acnes and sensitive oily skin. It contains spiraea ulmaria, portulaca oleracea and other plant ingredients, which can help shrink pores and reduce oil secretion.

Top 3 COLORKEY matte-brighten oil control loose powder

For naturally oily skin, this is a must-have loose powder in summer, which can greatly extend the time of oil production and control the degree of oil production.

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