Can acne be squeezed on your face?

First of all, answer your questions about this issue in a short and concise way.

Can acne squeeze: Yes!

Can acne be squeezed, can I immediately start practicing on my face? Not!

Please clarify the following questions first:

1 What acne can be squeezed?

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White pus spots can be squeezed.

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It is best not to squeeze the ones that are just red, swollen, have no pus spots or mouth.

Otherwise, the redness and swelling will be aggravated after hard squeezing with external force, and the remission time will be prolonged. And improper squeezing will cause the hair follicles to rupture downwards, and turn a simple acne into a cyst and other troublesome situations.

2. What if I can squeeze, but I don't want to leave marks or scars?
If you don’t want to get infected or leave acne marks and scars when squeezing acne, you have to prepare for cleaning and disinfection like a doctor.

Cleaning and disinfection include: washing your hands; wearing medical or disposable gloves, but not wrapped in paper towels; using medical alcohol or iodophor to wipe the acne surface.

After squeezing the wound left on the acne skin, if you don't want to leave a black acne mark, you have to pay attention to the sun protection at that location. It is best to use an umbrella or a hat to cover it when you go out.

3 How to squeeze acne?

If it is barehanded, tentatively squeeze slowly from both sides of the acne to the middle. For the purpose of squeezing out sebaceous granules and/or pus.

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Squeeze out the sebaceous granules and/or existing pus, and the goal is achieved.

If the force is too close to the upper part of the acne, the pus will not only not be squeezed out, it will also squeeze the already fragile hair follicles, resulting in pus and blood running around, causing more inflammation and problems.

If you know how to use a triangular needle, it is better to make a small opening on the top of the acne.

But remember! Be sure to disinfect the triangular needle with alcohol first.

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4 When will the squeeze stop?

This question is actually very important. Remember three principles:

1 Stop when you see blood coming out, it is best if you can not bleeding;

2 If the clear liquid is squeezed out, it means that the tissue fluid is squeezed out, which means that the squeezing is too much and it is easy to leave scars;

3 If you can't squeeze out anything after puncturing the acne with a needle, don't squeeze it hard, otherwise you won't get anything except leave a big bag on your face.

5 What kind of acne should not be squeezed?

If there are already connected cysts and nodules, do not squeeze them by yourself.

Let the doctor have a look. They have injections or other better methods to deal with.

It is best not to squeeze the acne on the face, the acne near the eyes, or even the triangle area of the face.

If you have acne on your face, you will usually have obsessive-compulsive disorder to squeeze acne. If you have good restraint ability, you can use acne pimple patch

to remove acne easily without leaving acne marks.

Acne Pimple Patch

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