Different Face Shapes Contour Makeup for Beginners Step By Step

The purpose of face contouring makeup is the same as that of blusher makeup. You need to know your facial features, what are your strengths, and what are your weaknesses.
You need to judge according to your face bones.
Then, use the color combination and position of the makeup to minimize the shortcomings and make yourself look more beautiful.
Forgive me for using the same face to talk about contour for different face shapes.
1 Contour for Round Face
The point of contour for round face is to make your face not round and visually elongated.
The two sides of your face are contouring to avoid the cheekbones, forming a gathered shape and retracting inward,
Face, forehead, nose tip, chin highlight,
When smudged, the connection is natural, and the face will shrink inward visually, successfully creating a small V face.

2 Contour for Square Face
Square faces often make people feel three-dimensional and have a strong sense of contour, so the focus of contouring is on your cheeks, under the corners of your mouth and your masseter muscle.
Highlight the key points, extending your entire face up and down.

3 Contour for Long Face
Many girls with long faces tend to have relatively high hairlines, which is the reason their faces look long.
So your hairline must be contoured just right.
Focus on your chin: Semi-circle brightening and inverted triangle contouring will reduce sharpness.
There will be a shortening effect on your whole face visually.

4 Contour for Oval Face
Many people have a misunderstanding: oval face does not need to be contoured.
In fact, the oval face will make you a little dull feeling, so put the sides of your chin inward.
Then highlight your chin.
This will add a touch of contour for your whole face.

5 Contour for High Cheekbones Face
Although high cheekbones faces are very popular in Europe and America, we have to admit that high cheekbones faces are somewhat older than their peers.
So focus on pulling your cheekbones inward, brightening the sides of your forehead,
This will make your forehead look fuller and younger.

6 Contour for Short Face
Contouring focuses on the upper part of your entire face,
Protruding your chin, there will be a vision that elongates the proportion of your entire face.

Makeup is to change our face, and the most important point is face contouring.

When choosing concealer cosmetics, please choose low-saturated gray tones, so that the smudge looks more natural, the more moisturizing the better.

JOOCYEE precise tip concealer pencil works excellent for contour makeup. 

This is by far the best concealer product I've ever used, all three shades work really well and they go well together. The hydration is also impeccable.

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This contour makeup tutorial is from our blogger Dora, thanks for her great share.

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