COLORKEY Monochromatic Airy Matte Makeup Blusher T3270

Quantity: 1 Box Makeup Blush
Net Weight: 4g
01 Cement Gray Pink
Low saturation gray pink,
Textured shrink color
02 Brick Red Brown
Grayscale brick red tone,
Suitable for fair and natural skin tones
03 Wood Orange Brown
Warm log orange
Suitable for all skin tones

COLORKEY brand new airy blusher,
Crushing and recreating street inspiration into makeup,
Plated with high-street gray, injecting a sense of light air,
Deploy the skin-melting shrinkage color, highlight the contour,
Create a three-dimensional repairing makeup atmosphere.

COLORKEY Airy Matte Blusher:
- Micron-sized air powder, as fine as 5um, light and transparent, creating a natural complexion.
- Velvet matte texture, even and easy to blend, very friendly to makeup beginners.
- High street gray, low-light tone, skin-melting and shrinking color, softly gathers contours, and enhances three-dimensional makeup effect.

The Story of COLORKEY Brand
Colorkey, a cosmetics brand born in Asia, explors the forefront of the world's cosmetics trends, and creates cool cosmetics products with "innovative technology, assured quality, and individual design" to show their individuality with the new generation.
Integrate the global high-quality supplier COSMAX (top ten in the world), gather experts in various fields such as makeup, fashion, design, quality control, etc., to create reliable quality makeup products for young women.

Target population:
The maverick, adventurous and daring cool girls are mainly young girls born in 1995, such as street hipsters, tattoo masters, street dancers, skateboarders, and designers.

Beauty products include categories such as face, eyes, lips, makeup removers, beauty tools and perfumes.

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