innisfree Pore Deep Clearing Clay Face Mask 2X Super Volcanic T1998

Brand: innisfree
Quantity: 1 bottle.
Ingredients: Jeju Island Volcanic Rock Mud Ball Complex, walnut shell powder, lactic acid.
Net Weight: 100 ml/ 3.38 fl.oz

Suitable: large pores, blackheads, oily skin.

1 The deep-cleansing, non-drying creamy clay mask—formulated with absorbent Jeju Super Volcanic Clusters™ and AHA—that helps clear pores while it exfoliates.
2 Newly upgraded formula of our bestselling clay mask – which has earned itself K-Beauty cult status the world over! After continuous research of the absorbent, mineral-rich clusters that made our original clay mask a global sensation, we’ve developed the next generation of Jeju Volcanic Clusters™. This innovative formula is now able to absorb 2x more oil and impurities than the previous version, without drying or stripping skin!

Our global best-selling clay mask helps:
Minimize the look of pores
Absorb sebum
Gently exfoliate
Deeply cleanse
Even skin tone
Cleanse pollution particles

How to use
-Use one to two times a week(do not over 2 times)
-Smooth onto clean, dry skin, avoiding the eye and lip areas.
-Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, until dry.
-Rinse with lukewarm water.

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