innisfree Pore Minimizer Serum for Face Treatment T2013

Brand: innisfree
Quantity: 1 bottle
Main Ingredients:
Oil-control Pore Minimizer Serum:
Lactic acid, porous powder, sodium hyaluronate.
Brighten Pore Minimizer Serum:
Niacinamide, sodium hyaluronate.
Elastic Pore Minimizer Serum:
Soy peptides, sodium hyaluronate.
Net Weight: 30ml.

Deep pore cleanser, pore shrinking, reducing pore size.
Brighten skin tone, adjust water and oil balance, control excessive skin oil secretion, and keep skin elastic.

How to use:
Apply AM & PM after cleansing and toning.
Press down on the cap to dispense and massage into face and neck.


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