LHS Glitter Facial Massage Ice Globes T1595

Brand: LHS.
Quantity: 1 Stick / Box.
Net weight: 92g.
Colors: 01# Pink Glitter, 02# Blue Glitter, 03# Golden Glitter, 04# Purple Glitter, 05# Silver Glitter.
Size: Length: 8.5 cm; Ball diameter: 5 cm.

Product description:
1. Lift and tighten: The facial massage ball can lift and tighten, soothe skin, provide a soothing freshness to the skin, and reduce skin burns after sun exposure.
2. Elastic and improve dull skin: The facial roller ball can help promote blood circulation, reduce dark spots and pigmentation, make skin more even and brighter.
3. Fade fine lines: The ice roller for face can help reduce wrinkles and puffiness. Then you will get firmer and younger-looking skin with a healthy glow.
4. Can massage the face, neck, body and other parts.
When you feel tired, you can rejuvenate and use it on any part of your body to relieve pain.

Skin types:
Suitable for various skin types.

How to use:
1. Ice use: Put the ice wave ball into the freezer before use (about 30 minutes), take it out after cooling, and wash it with clean water.
2. Hot use: Soak in hot water (about 55º water temperature) for 2 minutes, take it out and dry it. It is suggested that a layer of water massage cream or essence, should be applied evenly on the skin.

Lift technique: Start from the neck and gradually lift and massage from bottom to top. Press moderately 4-5 times. Can: tighten the skin and create a V-shaped face. Applicable to: loose, fat, dry, fine lines and other skin problems.

Nourishing techniques: Starting from the lower jaw, roll the ice hockey clockwise from outside to inside, massage the face and around the eyes, and promote skin absorption. Applicable to: wrinkled skin, eye bags, dark circles and other eye problems.

Massage technique: Starting from the forehead, from top to bottom, use ice hockey to roll from inside to outside to both sides of the corner of the mouth, and circle back and forth. And press moderately. Applicable to: lift and tighten, enhance facial muscle elasticity.

1. Keep it in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
2. Keep out reach of children.

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