TIMAGE Porcelain Flawless Liquid Foundation For Mixed Dry Skin T3126

Quantity: 1 bottle
Net Weight: 30ml liquid foundation + 2.2g concealer cream
#100 Goose Down
Suitable for warm tone natural skin
#101 Autumn Pear
Suitable for warm tone healthy skin
#201 Bitty Cream
Suitable for fair skin tone
Skin Type:
Neutral Skin Type, Combination Dry Skin Type

Note: each bottle 30ml liquid foundation comes with 2.2g near color concealer cream

The liquid foundation is rich in a variety of plant essences, moisturizing and skin-friendly, with a light texture, allowing the skin to breathe freely without burden.
Good extensibility, easy to create a thin, even and good base makeup.
The soft light particle technology refracts the microlight for the skin from multiple angles, creating a high-end skin smoothing effect.
Contains a variety of skin-nourishing essences, citrus fruit essence, perilla leaf essence, and centella asiatica essence, which naturally brighten, soothe and maintain stability, moisturize and repair, and nourish the skin while applying makeup.
Each bottle of 30ml liquid foundation is paired with a concealer of the same color. The concealer does not leave traces, is delicate and smooth, fits the skin, and can cover skin blemishes with light application.

The Story of TIMAGE Brand
TIMAGE was born in 2014. The founder is Tang Yi, a Chinese celebrity makeup artist with 20 years of makeup experience. He created the original blank makeup technique, showing the smart beauty of women with simple and not simple makeup.
Brand Concept:
TIMAGE takes "ingenuity and customization into simple makeup people" as the brand concept, to create practical and artistic makeup products, to help each woman start from her own characteristics, explore her own makeup look, and bloom her own unique beauty.

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