WINONA Soothing Repairing Freeze-Dried Facial Mask 6 Pcs Set T3009

Quantity: 6 Pcs Set
Net weight: Freeze-Dried Facial Mask Powder 65mg*6+ Pure Water 20ml*6

Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Fructose Oligosaccharides, Water, Tremella Fuciformis Fruiting Body Extract, Collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate, Portulaca OLERACEA Extract, Prinsepia UTILIS Oil, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-8, squalane.

• Sensitive skin
• Normal/combination skin
• Dry skin
• Barrier fragile skin

👥[About sensitive skin]
Sensitive muscle is a kind of problem skin. The pathological changes are the thinning of the stratum corneum and the red mesh on the face after congestion after the expansion of subcutaneous capillaries.
Main cause: thin skin, environmental factors
Main symptoms: redness, fever, itching, tingling

🙋The Repairing Freeze-Dried Series is specially designed for sensitive skin, which can effectively relieve irritation on the skin and repair the skin barrier. It uses patented cold extraction technology. The Portulaca Oleracea and Prinsepia Utilis are key ingredients to help restore skin comfort and retain essential moisture, leaving the skin feeling comfortable and hydrated.

• Provides instant and long-lasting comfort
• Restore skin barrier
• 0% paraben, fragrance, & alcohol
• High concentrated serum

The Story of WINONA Brand
WINONA is a cosmeceutical skin care brand, established in 2008, focusing on the research and development of sensitive skin products, using a dermatological-based approach and using high-tech biotechnology. WINONA's skin care products are to improve skin problems include soothing and moisturizing, whitening and acne, firming and other series.

WINONA has obtained the international cosmetics CERT certification. WINONA skin care products use a number of patented technologies and adopt a gentle formula based on dermatology to meet the GMPC standards required by the United States and the European Union for cosmetics.

WINONA, Caring for Sensitive Skin🙋

Major patents obtained
Patent No. ZL201110372639.9 A functional skin care product containing thorn fruit oil and its preparation method
Patent No. ZL201210263777.8 A functional skin care product containing Portulaca oleracea extract and its preparation method
Patent No. ZL201910665804.6 A preparation method and use of Portulaca oleracea extract
Patent No. ZL201921160402.2 A multi-stage constant temperature extraction equipment for purslane plant extraction
Patent No. ZL201810662916.1 A preparation method of extract of total flavonoids from thorn kernels

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