5 Mistakes When Using Sunscreen In Summer

With the gradually hot weather, summer has quietly arrived. So, what is the skin most afraid of in summer? There is no doubt that it is most afraid of UV damage. Sunscreen is definitely the first choice for summer skin care.
But why do some people apply sunscreen but still get tanned?
The following misunderstandings are the culprits.

• No sun protection on rainy days? ×
Clouds are thicker on rainy days, and it is easier to reflect or refract ultraviolet rays! Instead, you need to pay attention to sun protection!

• Do not need a lot of sunscreen?  ×
The amount of sunscreen on the face should reach the size of a coin, and the sunscreen on the body needs to reach the capacity of two small glasses!

• Go out immediately after applying sunscreen? ×
At least half an hour before going out, the sun cream will have an effect!

•Is it enough to apply sunscreen once a day? ×
The skin of human can produce erythema under direct sunlight for 20-25 minutes. If the SPF value of a bottle of sunscreen is 8, it can prevent UVB for about 160 minutes, and PA can prevent UVA for four hours. Everyone reapplies in time according to their sunscreen index and needs ~

• Do not apply sunscreen after applying the cream? ×
Professional oil free sunscreen cannot be replaced with cream ~ If you don't want to be tanned, sunscreen is enough!

Don’t enter the above misunderstandings ~ Learn these sun protection tips and spend a healthy summer with your skin!

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