Hello! All right with you? hope so. almost two months ago I received a product from the Look Healthy Store to do a review without obligation, and I decided to test and say what I thought of the product. It is a cream for the eye area of ​​the Asian brand Beilingmei.

I received it, I know that Asians (mainly Koreans) have incredible skin care, so much that many people import the products from there. I tested this cream for about a month and I will share my experience, talk about the ingredients, delivery and everything.
                                What does the product promise?
I'm guiding myself through the ad on the Look Healthy website and more information I found in research.

The cream is for dark circles and helps to treat fine lines below the eyes. he says he has gold in the composition, promises to hydrate that area of ​​the eyes, bring more elasticity, reduce the bags under the eyes and nourish the skin.
                                       Packaging and texture
The packaging and texture of the cream is what draws the most attention. The packaging is made of transparent glass with a golden lid, the label has only the brand of the products and some information in another language. The product comes in a golden box, unfortunately it arrived all wrinkled.
The texture is super different, in the packaging the cream seems to be made of several small capsules, it reminds me of a Guerlain primer (meteorites), which also has this shape, looking like several pearls. Mine came a little shaken because of the post office. Which is normal, or I got used to it haha.
The texture of the cream is also very different, it is golden and a little gelatinous, but at the same time consistent, it is very different from any product I have ever tested. It comes with a small spatula for us not to get our hands on the cream and not to contaminate it directly. The package has 60 grams of product, it is a good size, the product yields a lot.
                                             Experience and Results
The experience is already different just because of the texture of the cream, when we apply it on the skin it resembles a super light serum, and is a little sticky, I believe because of the composition. It is super moisturizing in the eye area, at the same time we feel the difference, the skin is much smoother. I confess that I felt like using it all over my face haha. It yields a lot, a very small amount is enough for the entire eye area, so it is a product that will yield a lot.
       Don't mind my eyebrow screaming to be done, and me too lazy haha
I took some pictures of the eyes with the product just applied for you to see. I don't have any big problems with dark circles, but I already have fine lines under my eyes, which is natural. I felt a slight softening, I believe that with the use extending the results are much better, but really what I liked most was the hydration it provided for my skin. Because my skin is very dry I have to be careful with the products I use, for example matte liquid concealers, quickly mark all the lines, the same thing if I use a creamier concealer and use an excess of powder to seal up.

honeysuckle extract, aloe extract, fucus extract, betaine extract, glycerin, hydrolyzed pearl, hydrolyzed rice
It is a very small and simple composition, and very natural in my opinion, really focused on hydration. I put this composition in CosDNA and the result was very satisfactory, it is not a product that will harm the skin.
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