3 Pcs Dead Skin Remover Cutter + Clipper + Trimmer Kit T2364

Quantity: 3 Pcs/kit

5 in 1 Manicure and Pedicure Tool Set -- Including cuticle trimmer, cuticle pusher cutter flat head, cuticle pusher cutter sharp head, dead skin fork and triangle nail polish scraper.
Effective Jaw Design of the Cuticle Cutter -- The cuticle nipper could easily scraper the cuticle or nail gels, even in small areas around nails. Jaw head snipper isolates the problem area and snips away cleanly. Sharp finished tips for precise cutting of hangnails and ragged cuticles.
They are ideal for families, spas and beauty salons.
Ergonomic Non-slip Handle Design -- Our professional cuticle remover tools set is designed with an ergonomic non-slip handle, providing you with a comfortable hand feeling, you can remover the cuticles more effectively.
In addition, the chameleon design makes it a beautiful set of color manicure artwork.

How to use it:
Use the flat head to gently push back the cuticles on your nails.
Use the trimmer to neaten cuticles.
Use the triangle head to peel or remove gel nail polish.
Use the cuticle pusher cutter sharp head push down the cuticles at the corners of your nails.