AEKYUNG KERAMIDE Damage Clinic Hair Serum T2942

Brand: AEKYUNG / AGE 20's
Quantity: 1 Bottle.
Net Weight: 70ml.

Product description:
1 Transparent gel texture, refreshing and non-greasy, easily absorbed by hair.
2 Natural botanicals protect your hair, repairs split ends and protects damaged hair, effectively repairs dry and damaged hair.
3 Hair Nutrient Care from KERAMIDE Essence to restore the shine of damaged hair, enhance hair luster, let hair shine like sunshine.
4 Make hair smoother and more elastic, solve frizz, knots and other problems.

Recommended Usage:
1 When the hair is wet, the humidity of the hair absorbs the oil best, apply it evenly on the ends of the hair and then blow the hair
2 When half dry, apply from the middle to the ends of the hair, blow dry, the hair is fluffy and smooth
3 When perming and dyeing hair, you can apply a little in advance to protect the hair and minimize the damage
4 When using a curling iron, apply a small amount to the hair strands to make curls that are more elastic and fuller

The Story of AGE 20's Brand
AGE 20's is a Korea brand, which focus on pressed powder foundation. It developed and launched the first product called Age 20's Essence cover fact enriched with 71% skincare vital essence, containing 7 antioxidants ingredient to boost hydration and prevent skin aging.
Age 20's satisfies delicate senses and sensibilities by adding vitality to the body and mind so that you can be the most beautiful figure at this moment.
Express the most beautiful time of all women, bring back the skin of age 20's.
Why you should choose them?
No.1 in Foundation for 5 consecutive years
No.1 in User Satisfaction for 5 consecutive years
No.1 in Korea's Best Cosmetics for 2 consecutive years