AGE 20's Oil Contro Loose Powder T2944

Brand: AEKYUNG / AGE 20's
Quantity: 1 Box.
Net Weight: 13g
Color: Transparent

Product description:
1 Formulated with Powder To Essence, an innovative powder-packed serum technology that leaves skin hydrated for a long-lasting matte finish without smudging.
2 Contains birch sap and amino acid complex for healthy makeup.
3 Airy spherical elastin loose powder, more delicate, better absorb oil
4 Contains 70% serum for a clear makeup, long-lasting oil control
Moisturizing, not drying, waterproof and sweatproof, hide pores.
5 Essence skin care, gentle formula, suitable for sensitive skin.

How To Use:
Method 1: Invert and shake up and down to take the powder
Method 2: Invert and tap to take powder
Gently apply makeup

The Story of AGE 20's Brand
AGE 20's is a Korea brand, which focus on pressed powder foundation. It developed and launched the first product called Age 20's Essence cover fact enriched with 71% skincare vital essence, containing 7 antioxidants ingredient to boost hydration and prevent skin aging.
Age 20's satisfies delicate senses and sensibilities by adding vitality to the body and mind so that you can be the most beautiful figure at this moment.
Express the most beautiful time of all women, bring back the skin of age 20's.
Why you should choose them?
No.1 in Foundation for 5 consecutive years
No.1 in User Satisfaction for 5 consecutive years
No.1 in Korea's Best Cosmetics for 2 consecutive years