FULL BEAUTY Silicone Nail Stamper & Nail Scraper Set T2702

Type: Nail Stamper Set
Quantity: 1pcs Stamper + 2pcs Scraper+1pcs Cap
Color: Mirror Gold/Silver/Purple/Rose Gold/Red
Stamper: Silicone Soft Head for Transfer Polish

1. For nail art design, making your nails more artistic.
2. Excellent for both professional use and personal use.
3. It's high quality with an elastic surface.
4. Very excellent and easy to stamp.

Pay attention to the transfer strength when grabbing the pattern on the template.
You only need to gently roll over the template to use the soft stamp.
Excessive force will cause bursting or poor transfer.

How To Use:
1. Apply the base color gel and cure.
2. Apply the peel off tape (air dry) .
3. Squeeze the stamping gel.
4. Scratch the excess stamping gel.
5. Use the nail stamper to transfer the gel.
6. Stamp the gel on the nail.
7. Tear off the film formed by the peel off tape.
8. Apply the top coat and cure.
9. Finish.