HANDAIYAN 12 Colors Matte Gel Eyeliner Pencil Set T957

Quantity: 12 Pcs / set.
Net weight: 12 * 0.2g.
weight: 72 g.
Color: 12 colors.

Product description:
1. Cost-effective eyeliner set:
12 colors of eyeliner. The highly pigmented pearlescent and matte eyeliner can easily help you draw thin or thick lines for easy application.
2. Waterproof and sweatproof:
The waterproof eyeliner pencil set can draw beautiful eyeliner and lip liner. They are perfect for daily makeup, party makeup and professional makeup.
3. Beauty and makeup:
These retractable pens are not just eyeliner pens; they can also be used as eye shadow pens and highlighters. They have multiple uses and can save you storage space and makeup time.
4. Easy to remove:
You can use warm water to remove the waterproof eyeliner pencil, then gently cleanse with cleansing oil.
5. Easy to apply:
Color rotating eyeliner has bright colors and mousse texture. The nib does not need to be sharpened, and the nib is rotating to help you apply eyeliner easily. It is very convenient to use.

1. For sensitive skin, it is recommended to conduct an allergy test on the back of the ear before using the product. Use the waterproof eyeliner pencil if no adverse effects occur.
2. Avoid contact with eyes.

Keep the gel eyeliner pencil in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight. (Please keep out of reach of children.)

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