Innisfree Powerproof Eyeliner Pen T2062

Brand: innisfree
Quantity: 1 Stick.
Net Weight: 1g

1. A pen eyeliner with a strong waterproof formula against water, sweat and sebum.
2. Create intense and sharp eyes with elastic brush
Perfect for beginners, this elastic brush liner creates the most elaborate look.
3. Water & oil-proof formula with rich colour
It keeps eye makeup looking beautiful and sharp all day long without smudging from water and oil.
4. Easy cleansing without leaving pigmentation
Film-type formula is easily and completely removed without leaving any pigmentation or residue around the eyes.

How to use
1. Lightly grip the eyeliner as if holding a pen.
2. Lift the eyelid with the fingers of the other hand, then draw the eye line as if thoroughly filing in the eyelid right up to the edge.
3. After use, over the eyeliner with the cap and press firmly until a ‘click’ is heard.
1.Lightly wipe off on a tissue if you have shadow on the brush tip.
2. After use, storing horizontally helps keep the ink for longer, allowing you to have highly pigmented ink for longer use.
3. Shake 3-4 times before using in case the ink doesn't come out.